Our Founder

The Anglo-Chinese School Scout Group was founded in 1921 by William Thorpe (W.T.) Cherry Jr, an old boy of the school. He was assisted by Reverend Charles Blackshear (C.B.) Paul, a teacher at ACS. The troop was named the 3rd Singapore Troop. It was later renamed the 11th Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Scout Troop.

W.T. Cherry Jr was an American who came to Singapore with his father, and spent much of his life on these shores. He was an officer of the Singapore Volunteer Corps and volunteered for military service when war broke out in 1914, during which time he was promoted to Captain.

A Patrol Leader, he was subsequently promoted to the position of Assistant District Commissioner of Singapore District and later became Singapore’s third District Commissioner. Involved in smuggling of food and services to Changi Prison during the Second World War, he was caught and tortured by the Japanese Kempeitai in the YMCA building. As a result of the torture, he was permanently disabled and later evacuated from Singapore to Britain after the war.


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